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Grill Candy Gourmet Cooking Pellets

A product of Batey, Ltd. Sawmill, Grill Candy promotes Total Timber Utilization. This means we believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of the forest by using every part of the tree harvested. These gourmet cooking pellets are 100% natural wood and represent that commitment.


Reasons to Love Grill Candy:

* 10 lb. bag for easier handling

* Zip-Lock top seals pellets after every use

* Oak pellets are 100% oak hardwood

* Maple pellets are 100% maple hardwood

* Produces consistent and steady burn

* Produces all natural flavor

* Can be used in all pellet-fired grills

* Made in the U.S.A

A portion of the proceeds from all sales of Grill Candy are donated to Truth About Trees.

truth_about_trees.pngTruth About Trees is an educational kit and Telly Award winning video that is distributed to educators across North America, free of charge, in an effort to ensure that scientific truth about forest management is reflected in elementary school curriculum.

Trees are a renewable resource that provide many of the necessary items we use in our everyday lives.

Forest management keeps our forests healthy and viable for generations to come. So as you use your Grill Candy pellets you can be assured they are made from a 100% natural, renewable resource.

For more information about becoming a dealer or just interested in purchasing pellets Contact us:


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